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Interactive Model Simulations


This server is set up for communicating models between partners of ongoing projects. The simulations are primarily intended for testing, discussion and teaching. Occasional use by guests is allowed as long as server load remains within reasonable limits. The service will be available for limited time. In case of questions, please consult our official website at http://tu-dresden.de/hydrobiologie .

Use of session cookies: We use only cookies that are absolutely necessary exclusively for the provision of the service, see privacy policy / Datenschutzerklärung for details.


This server is under reconstruction, offering a subset of tools currently used for ongoing teaching activities. We are working on improving accsessibility and aim to revise legacy tools successively, depending on demand. Please see accessibility / Barrierefreiheit for details and contact us in case of suggestions.

The full set of legacy applications can be found here.

Simulation Models

Teaching Apps


  • The models and apps are implemented in R and Gnu Fortran using the R package rodeo for code generation, package deSolve for numerical integration of the differential equations, and package shiny and the Shiny Server for the web interface.

  • All main components, the models and parts of the data are free and open source software, available from RStudio, github/dkneis, github/tpetzoldt, R-Forge and CRAN.

David Kneis, Johannes Feldbauer and Thomas Petzoldt, 2021-04-27

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